Engadget Podcast 292

The Engadget Podcast: it’s a lot like Two and a Half Men, only you have to guess who the half is, and with lots more Galaxy S III news.

Host: Brian Heater, Terrence O’Brien, Michael Gorman
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: OrbitalNever

00:02:00 – Samsung Galaxy S III is official: 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, quad-core Exynos processor and gesture functions
00:04:00 – Samsung Galaxy S III HSPA+ arriving in May, 4G version hitting North America this summer
00:06:00 – Samsung Galaxy S III preview: hands-on with the next Android superphone (video)
00:08:53 – Samsung Galaxy S III vs Galaxy S II and Galaxy S: meet the family
00:11:00 – Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II: what’s changed?
00:15:00 – Samsung’s Galaxy S III now has a commercial to call its own (video)
00:17:50 – Samsung announces buddy share feature, automatically sends photos to friends and family for you
00:18:00 – Samsung Galaxy S III focuses on photography sharing features, not cutting-edge optics
00:19:03 – Samsung unveils Galaxy S III accessories
00:23:00 – RIM’s BlackBerry World keynote roundup: the OS, the hardware, everything else (video)
00:23:50 – BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha hands-on
00:24:25 – BlackBerry 10 dev alpha unit unveiled: 4.2-inch screen, 1280 x 768 resolution
00:35:43 – RIM CEO: 4G PlayBook coming this year
00:39:10 – Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin review
00:00:00 – Spotify for iPad launches: impressions and a visual tour of the new app
00:00:00 – LASR: behind the curtain of the Navy’s robotics laboratory

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